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Great baby shower activity that your guests will go wild for! Have your guests fill out these adorable jungle themed advice/prediction cards for the Mom to be.

HipSlimmer Corset – – M

HipSlimmerTM is a post-pregnancy compression corset designed to help you return to your pre-pregnancy size. Hormones released during pregnancy cause your hips to expand for childbirth. These hormones remain elevated after delivery leaving the joints of your hips malleable. HipSlimmerTM, when worn after pregnancy, applies pressure directly to your hips and may help your hips return to their pre-pregnancy size. HipSlimmerTM was developed exclusively by us and is the only post-pregnancy "hip-slimming" compression corset available. Get back into your jeans faster with HipSlimmer! HipSlimmer is worn over comfortable undergarments for a few hours a day during the first couple of months following delivery. The ideal time to wear the HipslimmerTM is after you have recovered from your delivery and are not experiencing any pain. Do NOT wear the corset while pregnant.

My Pregnancy | Free Pregnancy Updates

Pregnancy outside marriage is a common challenge in America today. In fact, the CDC notes that births to single mothers reached a record high in 2005. Many parents face the crisis of having their grandchildren born to a single mom, so you are not alone. However, it is probably little consolation to be told that 342,976 teens (aged 15-19) gave birth in 2005, or that more than one in three of all children born in America are born out of wedlock (36.8% in 2005). 69.5% of the children in the African American community are born to single mothers, as are 63.3% of children in the American Indian or Alaska Native population, and 47.9% of children with Hispanic mothers. The Christian community is not immune to the problem of pregnancy outside marriage. Each year, thousands of church leaders and church-going families suddenly find themselves with a pregnant daughter (whether a teen or older young woman) who is not married. But you never thought it would happen in your own Christian family. Wondering what steps to take first? Where to find emotional support? Nervous about the response of family, friends, or the church? Overwhelmed by the options related to housing, finishing school, medical care, parenting, and adoption? There is help and hope even in the midst of your shock and pain. Be assured that you are not alone in your pain. Others have been where you are. Designed as a step-by-step guide and workbook to help parents of a pregnant teen or college student, How To Survive Your Teen's Pregnancy will help you through the shock, disappointment, and anger, and show you how to redeem beauty from the ashes of this crisis. When we wrote the manuscript for the first edition in 2002, there were very few reports and studies that had yet been published based on the 2000 Census data. We felt bad referencing so many sources that were published in the late 80s and throughout the 1990s because they were very dated by the time the first edition went to the printer. We are very proud to have updated all the statistics throughout the second edition! In every case (but one) we were able to find a source reference from this millenium, and this make the second edition very fresh and timely. We've also added new material throughout the book, especially a chapter about the importance of a father. We expanded the information about the grief cycle, and added some new illustrations. We love hearing from you, dear reader, and we thank you in advance for the comments and personal stories that you'll send us regarding this new edition. Written in a devotional workbook format, each chapter of this 192-page book lovingly addresses an issue to discuss, a decision to examine, or an action to take. Read a related portion of Scripture, identify with a real-life story from those who have survived their teen's pregnancy, and work through journaling exercises and practical action steps. Appendices list resource books and agencies. You'll want to keep a spare copy on hand to give to your friend when they call to share the grief that their single daughter is pregnant.

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