Wartrol Review – HPV Treatment Shocking Findings [NEWS]

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(This is the first in a series about STDs. STDs are a leading cause of infertility. In this expose, we explore the options for suffering couples.)

WARNING – This article contains graphic content. Reader discretion is advised.

Wartrol Review - HPV TreatmentA new HPV Treatment, Wartrol, promises to cure painful, embarrassing genital warts once and for all. But is it too good to be true? We investigated the claims of the controversial new miracle cure. After speaking to numerous experts and long-time sufferers alike, here is what we found -

Bonnie Batesman, who asked that her real name not be revealed, has been suffering from HPV since she was 17. The 45 year old mother of 3 is now afraid of the consequences. “My mother died of ovarian cancer at 55,” says Batesman. She is aware of the fact that she too is a high-risk target for ovarian cancer in the next 20 years. Not only does it run in her family, but ovarian cancer has been tied directly back to the HPV virus in women.

Surprisingly confident, Batesman tells us, “If only I would have used a condom that first time! I knew it was a bad decision, but I never thought it might kill me.” She chuckles, but soon becomes serious again. She cannot talk about this problem with her friends. Even her husband, James, a mechanic, is uncomfortable talking about the subject.

“Its just… gross,” James tells us. “I love my wife, but those crusty, gooey red warts just make me sick to my stomach.” He feels ashamed that he can’t be more helpful. The issue is becoming a serious strain on their relationship.

For years, Batesman has tried various home remedies for her genital warts. “I would put apple cider vinegar on a wart on my vagina!” Batesman recalls in horror. “I didn’t know any better. Its what my mom told me to do.”

“It burns like a straightening iron!” Batesman once told her mother.

“Good. Then its working,” she responded coldly.

But years later, Batesman tells us that it didn’t work. Apple Cider Vinegar, the supposed king of home remedies for warts, only caused greater itchiness, dry skin and irritation. As Batesman puts it, “it was just adding insult to injury.”

Recently, Batesman has learned of a new type of treatment called “Nutraceuticals.”

Most treatments on the market involve pharmaceuticals – dangerous chemicals created in laboratories with potentially devastating side effects. By contrast, nutraceuticals are products isolated or purified from foods, according to Health Canada.

The Wartrol comes in an easy, no mess spray bottle.

To use it, just remove the cap & spray the affected area.

Sufferers are advised to spray the cool, soothing spray for waves of relief as soon as itching and irritation start. Likewise, those not suffering from an outbreak can use it once a day to minimize warts and discomfort.

But is Wartrol the Best Option?

Bernice Young, a 25 year receptionist, underwent cryogenic surgery for her genital warts when she was 19.

“It was horrifying. They froze the warts off with a can of chemicals. It was like something out of a torture scene in a movie!”

Unfortunately, not only is cryogenic surgery a popular treatment for HPV, it is recommended by the US Center for Disease Control (CDC). The costly procedure makes gynecologists thousands of dollars, while patients continue to suffer even further.

“I couldn’t have sex for 2 months. The cramps were unbearable. There was blood in my urine for a long time.”

Below are some of the other treatments recommended by the CDC

  • Laser Surgery – Burning off the warts with a red-hot laser
  • Surgical Removal – Cutting the warts off with scissors or a razor
  • Electrosurgery – Electrocuting the warts into shrinking
  • Acid Therapy – Application of acids to chemically burn off the warts

But does Jones feel the agony of her cryogenic surgery was worth it? “I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy,” says Jones.

Not only are the procedures all extremely painful, but highly invasive. Each requires a doctor to touch the patients genitals for extended periods of time, often with razor sharp tools. And whats worse still, all of these procedures are very expensive. If you don’t have a lot of money or great insurance, you’re out of luck.

How is that for a triple whammy?

On the other hand -

Nutraceutical solutions like Wartrol allow HPV sufferers instant relief, without any painful, embarrassing procedures. And at only $49.95 a bottle, patients can save between $1,000 to $15,000 on costly medical procedures (Editors note: Wartrol is currently offering free bottles of the treatment with certain packages. Click here to see this promotion

Manufacturer Stands Behinds Its Word With 90 Day Guarantee

HPV Treatment WarrantyWithin 3 months of using Wartrol, you will know if it is helping you or not.

The makers of Wartrol are so confident that you’ll feel incredible relief, that they’re giving you a 90 day, money-back guarantee. That means you can literally use 3 bottles of Wartrol, enjoy its soothing relief in the privacy of your home, and if you aren’t 100% satisfied then return what’s left for your money back.

With so many fly-by-night health supplement companies, its important to purchase from credible companies. Buy Health, the makers of Wartrol have been in business since 1996. More so, unlike the other players who have shady credit card rebilling practices, often tricking their customers into hidden fees, Buy Health is 100% honest. You get exactly what you pay for. You don’t get charged a dime extra. If you do, they are legally obliged to refund you according to their 90 day return policy.


Based on the evidence collected in our research, Bowtrol appears to be an ideal solution for many people suffering with HPV and genital warts. With no synthetic chemicals, we encourage our readers to try the treatment and take advantage of the manufacturer’s 90 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee if they aren’t completely convinced.

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