Pregnancy Miracle by Lisa Olson
My Honest Review. No B.S.

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Seen The Pregnancy Miracle advertised all over the internet, but not sure if it’s worth your money? Tired of all of the inflammatory sales pitches? Want some honesty? Here is my Pregnancy Miracle story so you can make your own educated decision about The Pregnancy Miracle by Lisa Olson. How it All Began: My Path [...]

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Curing Hopelessness – Amazing 5 Minute Exercise Inside

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Earlier today, a couple came to me for pregnancy coaching. She had bags under her eyes. Although her skin wasn’t much over 30, her eyes showed the signs of an old woman who had been defeated and heartbroken. She was sad. And I was sad to see her that way. I gave her a hug [...]

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22 “Pregnancy Miracle” Pictures

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Still Not Convinced The Pregnancy Miracle Works? Hi All! It’s been a while, but I’m so excited to share that 22 out of the 24 women in my Ft. Knox, KY, Pregnancy Miracle Workshop have already gotten pregnant in under 4 months! I know there are still some women who are doubting that The Pregnancy Miracle [...]

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