How Can I Get Pregnant After Birth Control? (NO CLOMID!)

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Hey there ladies! Been a while, but don’t worry, I’ve been a busy bee helping more wonderful couples achieve their pregnancy dreams and constantly learning more to help all of you!

Today I want to discuss a question that I’ve been receiving very often recently.

How Can I Get Pregnant After Birth Control?

Many couples have turned to a “fight-fire-with-fire” approach using harmful fertility pharmaceuticals to counteract years of hormonal damage from birth control. I’ve always found this peculiar because its like saying, “well, if I messed up my fertility with hormone altering substances that were foreign to my body before [read: birth control], the solution is just a different hormone altering substance that is foreign to my body now [read: clomid or other pregnancy drugs]!”

I don’t think these people are stupid, just mislead.  Their intentions are great. They want to conceive so badly that they are “ready to do anything,” to undo their previous mistakes. Fortunately, this type of self punishment is not necessary to reverse the hormonal damage of prolonged birth control use.

In Western cultures, people tend to think of ailments in the body as things that should be “fought.” How many times have you heard somebody say “I’m fighting a cold,” “I’m wrestling with this flu,” “he’s battling cancer?” Seems like no big deal, right? Isn’t it just an innocent part of our language patterns? Well, not quite. I believe this represents a fundamental misunderstanding of how the body works and the signals that its sending when something in it isn’t functioning properly. The Western view is that an ailment is some kind of invader into the body that needs to annihilated, which is why so many medicine commercials feature cartoons of warfare in the body!

In Eastern medicine, ailments are not seen as rival factions in the body that need to be fought or subdues, but as imbalances or misalignments that simply need to be healed and rebalanced. Especially with regard to fertility, this view is far more helpful than the Western view. When a woman struggles with infertility after years of chemical abuse from birth control, her body is not asking for more of the same punishment, but to be healed, realigned and cared for. This is the appropriate way to resolve infertility problems, not by declaring further “war” against her body, but by nurturing it and making it healthy and happy.


Is it possible to get pregnant using Clomid or other harmful pharmaceuticals?

Answer: Sure, but not without consequences.

What now?

At the very least, before you resign yourself to chemical warfare with your own body, be nice to yourself and make an honest effort at a holistic, natural approach to restoring your fertility. I’ve seen this work for many women, some of whom had even tried Clomid and other pharmaceuticals. If you need a place to start, take a look at the Pregnancy Miracle system. It helped me get pregnant at 37 after being declared with premature menopause. Since then, I’ve used the same approach to coach countless other women to do the same. Give it a shot, You deserve it!

Hugs and Kisses to all of you out there striving for your dreams and never giving up. You are my heroes and inspiration!

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