Pregnancy Procrastination

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I’d like to discuss an issue I’ve noticed with some of my readers and some of the couples that inquired about my Pregnancy Miracle Workshop, pregnancy procrastination.

First off, let me say, I am not judging anyone that is procrastinating on trying to conceive, because I was once as guilty as anyone else. I spent months looking for the “perfect answer,” the “magic bullet.” After months of lamenting and researching every pregnancy program under the sun, my husband Mark helped me come to a profound realization.

There is no “perfect” method for getting pregnant.

At first, this was a harsh reality for me to come to terms with, after all, I was more emotionally invested in getting pregnant than anything else in my life.

What if I made the wrong choice?

What if program X is better than program Y?

Well this looks good, but its not what did to get pregnant.

These are the thoughts I’d have every day. And you know what? I realized I was going through analysis paralysis. All of the lamenting was not helping me get pregnant any faster. Eventually, I came to a profound realization.

To get pregnant, I needed to start DOING something and not just reading.

This is when things changed for me. Around this time, I found the Pregnancy Miracle and, all things considered, it sounded like a pretty attractive program. I spent 3 days researching the program. Those were my last 3 days of pregnancy procrastination.

Once I started implementing the advice in the program, I started gaining real wisdom about what works and what doesn’t based on experience.

Shifting from “reading” to doing, gave me the experience to make up my own mind about what works and what doesn’t. And guess what? After 2 months of dilligently implementing the program, I got pregnant!

Now, I work with women and their husbands who are in the exact same situation Mark and I used to be, looking for the “perfect plan.” I promise you, there is no such thing. Trust me. There are only plans the work and plans that don’t, but the only way you will ever know is if you actually implement the plan and find out for yourself. In trying to conceive, there are truly no failures, only learning experiences.

So here is my advice to all the couples going through this incredibly frustrating situation:

Resolve to find a conception plan today that you will implement dilligently for 2-3 months.

In my case, the Pregnancy Miracle was the perfect solution. It gave me the emotional, intellectual and spiritual framework to finally conceive despite everything my doctors had ever told me. It may or may not be yours, all I can tell you is that it has worked for me and the women I have coached. I invite you to download it (with 100% money back guarantee) and find out for yourself.

Even if you choose another plan, the most importnat thing is that you commit to taking action, not just reading. The prior will bring you closer to pregnancy. The latter will not.

The Only Thing More Painful Than Infertility...

Is knowing that you're not doing everything you can to fight it.

I love my readers, but I discovered that although many of them love my blog, they have not yet created their own Pregnancy Miracles. When I ask them if they've downloaded the Pregnancy Miracle and put a diligent effort to the simple, step-by-step plan inside, most answer with a sullen, "no."

If you're ready to get pregnant, its not going to happen by reading this blog alone.

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Can you afford to procrastinate on pregnancy any longer?


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  1. sally says:

    That book is a fantastic. It helps lots of women get pregnant who thought it would be hard. Glad you had success and I know others will if they got the chance to go over the things in that book.

  2. Isis says:

    It’s been over 1 year we are trying to conceive but no result at all :( I spoke to few doctors here but they told me that i can never become a mom.What should i do now?

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