Pregnancy Miracle by Lisa Olson
My Honest Review. No B.S.

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Seen The Pregnancy Miracle advertised all over the internet, but not sure if it’s worth your money?

Tired of all of the inflammatory sales pitches? Want some honesty?

Here is my Pregnancy Miracle story so you can make your own educated decision about The Pregnancy Miracle by Lisa Olson.

How it All Began: My Path from Tradgedy to Conviction

When I started this blog in October 2008, I had just gone through 4 years of depression, culminating with a death in my family which helped me put my life back into perspective.

Four years prior, I was diagnosed with premature menopause. My husband, Mark, and I had been trying to conceive for a year and a  half when the news came and to say the least, I was devastated. At 32 years old, I felt like my life was over. All my dreams, my hopes, the years of waiting for Mark to come home from the Army so we could start our family together could never be.

I tried to fight it for a while. I didn’t want to believe it. But my doctors told me it was hopeless. I was infertile.

Every night I fell asleep and every morning I woke up, resigned to the same cursed existence.  As I slipped deeper and deeper into depression, my friendships suffered, I found it increasingly difficult to get along with my family and, worst of all, the stress almost tore my marriage apart.

I loved Mark more than I had ever loved anyone or anything. The thought that I was the reason that he would never have the satisfaction of being a father, of teaching his kids how to play football or how to tie their shoes, of playing games with them and letting them win just to see them smile, of watching them grow up and achieve great things was just too much for me to bear. During those years, I even tried to end my marriage on several occasions, just so Mark could find another woman and be happy. This obviously only sent me spiraling further into depression.

Fortunately, I married the most amazing man in the world, and he stuck with me through that incredibly difficult time in my life.

At 36, I experienced my first death of a close relative, my Aunt Peggie, who had been like a 2nd mom to me when I was growing up.  At 59, she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and with what seemed like a gust of wind, 4 months later, so was no longer there. Somehow, the finality, and the irreversibility of that loss made me realize how limited my time was on this earth. It made me realize that I would never have a second chance to live my dreams. And suddenly, I found within myself a reignited, deep, burning desire to get pregnant.

In retrospect, this experience taught me a very important lesson-

At the beginning of every miracle is a white-hot burning desire that far exceeds any chance of failure.

As I became increasingly focused on my desire, I found myself filled with an unwavering and a focused determination.

I was ready to do whatever it would take. I was going to get pregnant.

From Passion to Action: Find a Gameplan

With my new found focus on getting pregnant, rather than self pity, I was prepared to do whatever it would take. However, after years of emotional instability, I was still a bit unsure about how to proceed. Fortunately, I married a military man, so I left the strategization up to him.

Mark did extensive research on a variety of fertility programs, from reviews to speaking with counselors at a local fertility clinic and days of surfing Google, the task proved itself harder than he’d bargained for. There was no shortage of TTC/infertility advice, but it was all so generic and recycled. There was a lot of focus on feel-good, new age fluff and not a lot of real substance.

I wasn’t looking for an excuse to feel better about my fertility.

I was looking for a plan to conquer it.

Our case of infertility was exceptionally severe, so we were looking for an exceptional fertility method.

One day, Mark stumbled upon a pregnancy forum where a pleasant lady by the name of Joanna was ecstatically sharing her first pregnancy at the age of 38. The thing about Joanna that was particularly interesting, was that, like me, she had abnomally high FSH levels and had also been diagnosed with premature menopause years earlier. We followed up with Joanna over email and asked her how she got pregnant, and she directed us to a book called The Pregnancy Miracle by Lisa Olson. Over several emails, we became friends with Joanna and decided to take her recommendation into consideration.

First Impressions: Don’t Judge a Book by it’s Cover

Sorry about the cliche, but when I first came to The Pregnancy Miracle website, I was not impressed.

Frankly, it was kind of ugly and didn’t look very professional. When I saw the book cover, it didn’t have the multi-million-dollar publishing house look that I had become used to, and I was honestly a bit suspicious.

Besides that, I had never bought an ebook in my life, and I generally associated them with “get rich quick scams.”

But something about this seemed different.

Taking the Plunge: Why I Bought the Pregnancy Miracle

Despite the initial lackluster impression of the website, I decided to read the information on the site based on Joanna’s recommendation and previous success.

The website itself had enough content to be a small book. Mark and I reviewed the page thoroughly and we were both surprisingly impressed. A few things particularly stuck out to us:

  • Lisa Olson – not just another TTC guru: While there are plenty of self proclaimed pregnancy gurus out there, most of them teach the same, conventional methods, and some of them even perpetuate Western misconceptions about fertility. Most of them went through some trouble, trying to conceive, but we didn’t feel that any could handle a case as severe as ours. On the other hand, Lisa Olson, is a woman that was also once proclaimed “hopelessly infertile,” and instead of giving up, she dedicated 14 years of her life to fertility research. At 43, Lisa got pregnant with her first child, who was born healthy and without complications, and soon after, Lisa had her second child.

    Another lesson I learned on my journey is this-

Picking your mentors is possibly the most important thing you can do to funnel your desire into success.

  • The Pregnancy Miracle – not the same trite advice. As I’ve already mentioned several times, many of the other plans that we looked at featured the same generic, recycled fertility advice. The Pregnancy Miracle stands out distinctly from other TTC programs because it begins by taking a completely different stance on infertility than all other publications, a view that originates in Ancient Chinese/Eastern Medicine. Whereas Western medicine views infertility as some sort of failure or dysfunction, the word “infertility” does not even exist in Chinese. Only the word “imbalance.” And this the cornerstone of The Pregnancy Miracle method, to help you rebalance your energies and prepare you mentally, physically, and spiritually for the conception of a baby. The Pregnancy Miracle treats the body as the complex, interwoven system that it is, rather and isolated malfunction.

The Pregnancy Miracle aims to rebalance your body for conception, rather than “fix your uterus.”

  • Free Consultation with the Author?! This is something truly unique. I have never been offered a chance to consult with the author of a book as an added bonus for  purchasing that book. This actually opened my eyes and made me realize that ebooks were pretty cool. If Lisa had published her book through a major publishing house, she would doubtfully be able to have any contact with her readers, but since she self-published it online, she can do whatever she wants. So, in addition to her 14 years of research on paper, Lisa also offered me the opportunity to consult with her in the case that I ever found myself stuck or unsure how to proceed. One of the best reasons not to buy something worthwhile is the fear that you will not be able to make it work on your own. This is the reason that Ikea offers to send people over to help you assemble their furniture. To my knowledge, Lisa Olson is the only author offer this kind of support for her books.

Sometimes I avoid buying things because I realize that I will never be able to use them as well as they are demonstrated.

Fortunately, Lisa offers personal 1-on-1 consultation with her book to make sure it works for you.*

In my case, Lisa has become a mentor and dear friend.

  • 100% Money Back Guarantee! This is what sealed the deal for me. I realized that I could sit and deliberate endlessly and read review after review, but this alone would not help me get pregnant any sooner. Since there was no financial risk for me, this decision was a nobrainer. I wanted to get pregnant fast, and if this book would help me do so, then it was worth almost any price.  If it wouldn’t, then I’d just get my money back and continue looking for something else. Besides, I wasn’t going to find an offer like this from any of the generic books on Amazon, so I figured I may as well start with The Pregnancy Miracle.

I told myself, “Angella, $0 is not too much to risk in exchange for a chance at your dreams. This is not a hard decision.”

Putting the Plan into Action

The Pregnancy Miracle was a pretty quick and easy read. It was written in clear, straight forward English with minimal fluff. Best of all, it featured a clear, step-by-step prescription for rebalancing my body and getting pregnant.

I documented a decent chunk of my journey over the winter of 2008/2009 in this blog, but over 2 months I found myself doing the following:

  • Meeting with an Eastern medicine specialist
  • Attending acupressure/acupuncture
  • Becoming best buddies with my Babycomp Fertility monitor.
  • Adopting a (tasty) fertility diet
  • Smiling
  • Rediscovering my sex life
  • Getting closer with my husband than we’d been in years
  • Connecting with hundreds of amazing, supportive and equally determined TTC readers through this blog

And finally, on Tuesday February 3rd, it happened.

Mark had gone off to work early, since he’d been trying to spend more time with me in the evenings. I woke up at 9:30 a.m. in my favorite green PJs, brushed my teeth, and made myself a 2-egg omelet with 4 turkey sausage links on the side. I made myself a cup of warm, hot chocolate and went through my usual morning round of mommy-blogs.

My peak fertility period ended exactly 2 weeks ago, and Mark and I had sex exactly 2 times during that period. We had been on The Pregnancy Miracle journey for roughly 2 months now, and it was time to take the long awaited pregnancy test. At 11AM, I went back up to my bathroom and nervously took the test.

What happened next?

I couldn't believe it, so I took not 1 but <b>2</b> pregnancy tests.

I couldn’t believe it, so I took not 1, but 2 pregnancy tests. Both positive!

My Pregnancy Miracle had come. I Was Pregnant!

The Aftermath: Spreading the Love

In the aftermath of my long awaited pregnancy, Mark and I found ourselves on cloud 9. Was this real? Were we still in the same lifetime? It was surreal how much had changed in only 3 months. But it was real. We’d done it. Together. Mark and I would finally get to call each other Mommy and Daddy, something we once believed we’d never get to hear.

As I began to adapt to the pregnancy, I was overcome by a surge of inspiration and gratitude to my mentors and all the people who had helped me get there. To Lisa Olson for showing me the way. To Joanna for her inspiration and guidance. To all of the couples who joined Mark and I on our Pregnancy Miracle and served as our online support group. And most of all, to my absolutely, beyond amazing husband Mark. Words will never do justice to how grateful I am for his presence in my life and how much I love him.

There I was. The happiest woman in the world, but I decided that things could get even better. I wanted to make other women as happy as me! I decided that I would start a workshop for women who had been abandoned by Western medicine and written off as “infertile,” just like I had been.  I  had no problem finding 24 women for my Pregnancy Miracle workshop.

If I had any remaining doubts about the effectiveness of The Pregnancy Miracle, our workshop put an end to them.

22 out 24 previously “infertile” women in my Pregnancy Miracle workshop got pregnant in less than 4 months!

Here’s the proof!


Picture 1 of 22

Laurie got pregnant in 10 weeks!

As for me, here is baby Lucas at 19 weeks! :)

Baby Lucas at 19 weeks! So cute!

Baby Lucas at 19 weeks! So cute!

The next step is up to you. How badly do you want to get pregnant?

I wrote this review so that you could be convinced for yourself that The Pregnancy Miracle by Lisa Olson works.

It worked for me.  It worked for 22 women in my pregnancy workshop. And I know that its worked for countless other couples that have contacted me through this blog.

The ball is in your court now. You can either continue reading blogs, reviews, and searching for free snippets, or you can download The Pregnancy Miracle now, and give yourself a chance at your dreams.

If you are not 100% determined to get pregnant, The Pregnancy Miracle is not for you.

If you are, I sincerely hope you will be our next success story!

Download Pregnancy Miracle Now! Click Here!

*I know that Lisa has become much more popular since I purchased The Pregnancy Miracle, so she may not be offering phone consultations by the time you read this. In my experience, she has always been responsive via email, etc. If this is a deal breaker for you, I suggest you find out for yourself.

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The Only Thing More Painful Than Infertility...

Is knowing that you're not doing everything you can to fight it.

I love my readers, but I discovered that although many of them love my blog, they have not yet created their own Pregnancy Miracles. When I ask them if they've downloaded the Pregnancy Miracle and put a diligent effort to the simple, step-by-step plan inside, most answer with a sullen, "no."

If you're ready to get pregnant, its not going to happen by reading this blog alone.

If you're sick and tired of reading about other women getting pregnant and how happy they are while you become increasingly more depressed about your own infertility, it's time to break the cycle.

Are you ready to do what it takes to get pregnant or is it not that important to you?

If you have a burning, passionate desire to get pregnant and are determined not to let anything stand in your way, then you are in the right place. The women on this site, including myself, have gotten pregnant in spite of some of the most severe infertility diagnoses.

Now its your turn to get pregnant!

Its time to reclaim your dreams of having a family with the simple, step-by-step, holistic method provided in The Pregnancy Miracle. You have absolutely nothing to lose and a baby to gain.

If you aren't 100% satisfied within 8 weeks, you KEEP the book and get 100% of your money back.

Can you afford to procrastinate on pregnancy any longer?


44 Responses

  1. syeda safia says:

    I had gone through website fertility, from there I got “THE PREGNANCY MIRACLE”, BY LISA OLSON. Where should I GET THIS BOOK, price for this book plz do reply soon.


  2. sharon says:

    I challange you to give me better proof. I have not had a period in 3 years. I was originally diagnosed with pcos and treated for that. But actually I was in premature ovarian failure, by the time they discovered that just after my 30th birthday. They said I have no eggs. I have been searching for nearly 4 years for a solution. But dont want false hopes. If i have no eggs can i develop more? I have searched and searched my study is inconclusive, too much mixed information .

    • @Syeda. Go to The Pregnancy Miracle page. Scroll to the bottom of the page and you will see the download button at the bottom of the page.

      @Sharon, as you know premature ovarian failure is quite complex and for me to give you a diagnosis here would not be possible and generally irresponsible.

      Just so you understand, the Pregnancy Miracle is NOT a “count-to-3 and POOF you’re pregnant” solution. It requires desire, dedication and focus.

      With that said, the Pregnancy Miracle is a very thorough fertility framework. It’s worked for me and almost all of the women I’ve now coached. It has thorough appendixes with information for specific conditions like yours and mine.

      With all that said, there is no way to pack all of the wisdom of ancient Eastern medicine into one book. Fortunately, where the Pregnancy Miracle doesn’t offer answers, it directs you to where they can be found.

      My suggestion to you is download it and give it an honest read. If you don’t believe that this is the right path to pregnancy for you, return it and get 100% of your money back. Done.

      A while ago, I learned that at some point “doing my homework” just became procrastination. I actually spent 3 days looking for reviews on this book before I bought it. Looking back at it, I realize that those were 3 extra days I could have spent learning, growing and getting closer to pregnancy. The worst case scenario is that I wouldn’t have liked what I found in the book, I would have gotten my money back and gone on looking for something else. Fortunately, that was not the case and I actually got pregnant.

      Pretty good bargain if you ask me.

      With a 100% money back guaranty, if you’re interested in the book, I don’t think it makes sense NOT to get it. Here’s the link if you want to give it a shot.

  3. Julie says:

    I just started The Pregnancy Miracle. My husband and I have unexplained infertility with my husband’s sperm count being very erratic. I went to the grocery store and followed Lisa’s meal plan. It was extremely costly! I spent as much money as an IUI. Ouch! I hope this works, but I’m putting more of my trust in God.

  4. vanessa says:

    does this book actually give you instructions how to get pregnant or does it just send you to see a chinese doctor because i can do that myself .does anyoe have tips on what to eat even if they are expensive it cant be more expensive than ivf .and if it works the joy of having a child naturally you cant put a price on that .i was so exited when i found this book now im worried about the different reviews its not the cash its so cheap its raising peoples hopes that lisa has found a cure then being dissapointed when the book turns out to be a fraud

  5. vanessa says:

    if antoe can give me any food tips il be so greatfull for any help

    • @Vanessa

      You bring up some very valid concerns. The book is 242 pages, so I assure you there is plenty more guidance in there than just “go see a chinese doctor,” although the approach is firmly rooted in ancient Eastern medicine. I also respect your willingness to spend money on something effective and worthwhile in order to protect your health and help you conceive. I can assure you there is nothing “fraudulent” about this program. The Pregnancy Miracle website it a tad ugly for my tastes, but the book and the method are sound and effective :) Also, please realize that you are not buying the book directly from Lisa Olson, you are buying it from Clickbank, which is a well established retailer of digital books online. So if you feel comfortable buying from Amazon, you should be equally comfortable buying Pregnancy Miracle as well.

      Your heart is absolutely in the right place :) P.S. You would absolutely love the recipe book that comes free with Pregnancy Miracle.

  6. PAMELA says:

    hi- we’re blessed with a son ,born when i was 42. it was natural conception. now, i am trying again but nothing yet. may be referred to a fertility office for IUI and clomid. not sure what to do as i don’t want chemicals but really want a baby sis or bro for our son. what should i do ??

  7. Jessica says:

    Wow!!! This book does really sound like a miracle… fingers crossed it will work.
    For the past 12 months my partner and I have been trying to have a baby but sadly I had an ectopic pregnancy and when we tried again I miscarried. It’s heart breaking and it hurts more when doctors cant explain why this is happing. I can fall pregnant but seem to have trouble keeping it there. I only have one fallopain tube so it does make it a little harder but on the other hand…. I have age on my side.
    I would love to hear from anyone who has had the same problems as me and has fallen pregnant from using the book!

    Good luck to you all and I hope your baby dreams come true soon. xo

  8. angel says:

    I have a son, he ‘s 7 years old right now . I tried to get pregnant but until now I’m not get it. In my condition right now I’m not got periode already in 4 month. I’m 41 years old.
    Can I still got pregnant in that condition.

    • @Pamela & @Angel

      The Pregnancy Miracle is a pretty ideal solution for women in their early 40s struggling with repeat birth.

      These are fairly common imbalances than can certainly be corrected.

      You’re on the right track! Keep us posted!

  9. ella says:

    I can’t belive this. How a book can do what IVF couldn’t I m sorry but I do not fall for this.

  10. Anne says:

    I am not trying to get pregnant at the current time but i was just told i have PCOS and would like to correct it or fix the imbalance in my system so that some day i can have children on my own without taking the medicine. Would you suggest the book as a helpful tool

    • @ella

      Your skepticism is definitely valid. Currently, Western science views IVF as the epitome of reproductive and treatments, and STILL it doesn’t always work. So how can some BOOK be a replacement for that?

      Well, it might not be.

      However, there’s a pretty good explanation for why many women go through so many unsuccessful, costly rounds of IVF. In order for IVF to work, the woman’s body needs to be BALANCED and HEALTHY enough to nurture that fertilized egg. Pregnancy Miracle is about re-balancing the body in this way and even has an entire appendix dedicated to increasing your chances of successful IVF.

      It may not be a replacement for IVF. But it certainly may be the difference between a successful round of IVF and another confrontation with frustration.


      Absolutely there is an extended section discussing PCOS & relevant treatments and some of my successful workshop ladies had it as well. It’s actually been a very popular topic recently!

      I commend you pro-activeness! You are a very responsible you lady! Please let me know how it works out for you.

      On that note – Since PCOS is more of a general female health issue than an infertility issue specifically, if there is interest, I may do some research on programs specifically related to PCOS and post it. Would that be helpful?

  11. Christen Mylrea says:

    This book sounds awsome! Is ther a way to get this book without having to download it? Can I purches it in book form somewhere?

  12. Michelle Morrison says:

    Hi there

    I was wondering if you could help me contact Lisa? I ordered her book online and my computer shut down whilst it was downloading and now I cant return to the recipes etc to print them. I know this is a round about way to get in touch with her but I cant find her details anywhere else?
    Hoping you can help. Thank you!

    • @ Michelle

      Try :)

      @Christen & Margaret

      The book is only available online. This way, Lisa can keep it up to date with her latest research at all times as well as including special giveaways and 1-on-1 consultations with the book. I was definitely skeptical the first time I purchased an ebook, but I think they’re great now!

  13. margaret says:

    I am interested to purchase the book but I dont have the form of payment required to to do a purchase order, is it possible to purchase the book with a bank cheque or any other form of payment beside through the internet?..please advise…

    thank you

  14. LISA says:


  15. Jody says:

    can i buy this book from a book store? i don’t have internet access at home to read it online.

    • @ Jody

      Like I mentioned previously, the book is only available online for a number of reasons.

      You don’t need the internet to read the book though, you just need something that will let you read PDF files. Chances are your computer came with Adobe Acrobat or Adobe PDF reader installed, so that’s all you need. You can save the book to a disk/thumbdrive wherever you use the internet and just read it at home.

      If you don’t have Adobe Acrobat, you can download it for free here

  16. i was told that the only way i can get pregnant is through invetro plz help

  17. @LISA

    I’m sure your positivity will be an inspiration to many women here. Age isn’t nearly as much of an issue as your doctors would have you believe. They told me I had no chance too!

    Look forward to hearing your progress!

    @Samantha Adderly,

    I’m so sorry. I know how frustrating it is to be told that you have no options or that “there’s no other choice.” Don’t lose help though.

    Pregnancy Miracle does address IVF as an option. IVF is very “hip” in modern medicine, but you really want to make sure that it really is your last choice because an unsuccessful insemination can cause scarring that will make it even harder to get pregnant. Even if you do choose to go the IVF route, you want to maximize your chances of success by following the Pregnancy Miracle plan so that your body is ready to accept and nurture that fertilized egg.

    God bless you and yours for not giving up! Come back and tell us how it goes!

  18. Charmaine Romasanta says:

    I’m here in the Philippines, still struggling to get pregnant. We’ve been married for 4 years now. Also, me and my husband are having infertility problems.

    Please help. Thanks….

  19. Jerika says:

    I was on the depo shot for about a year. I had my last injection June of 06′ and started my periods again in december of 06′. My periods are VERY irregular, before the shot they were always regular, now i can be 10 days late or early, I’ve started on time no more than five times in almost 3 years. I go to the doctor but i guess because of my age (21) they act like they don’t care, or tell me to wait another year… I’m through waiting. Like you said I’ve been looking up reviews all day on this book, I’m going to talk to my husband tonight when he comes home, I’m sure he will agree to get the book, and hopefully I will have my miracle!

  20. rose says:


  21. @Rose You are an incredibly inspiration for all the women on here! 15 years and still not giving up! I cannot explain the love and respect I have for you. Please keep us updated on your journey.

  22. Rizza says:

    Hi, I am from the Philippines. My husband and I have been married for almost 5 years now have not been blessed with a child. Reading the blog and comments has made me very curious about the book. I am a bit cautious about buying it though coz scams are rampant online. Can anyone please give us more proof that this e-book works?

  23. katherine Sharpen says:

    I was just wondering if I could get the book at a book store or do I have to get it on the internet.

  24. Lilly says:

    I know the price for this book is not much to loose, please my GREAT concern is ,Does it reall work? or it’s a scam. l want to have my own baby so l will try it, l pray it turns out to be real. my other concern is that Lisa did not display any way she can be reached or contacted. Why no contact information?.

  25. Renea Frys says:

    Hi i have ordered the ebook but i have not recieved it can you please help me. Is there a number that i can caal
    Thankd Renea

    • @Lilly

      I understand your concerns. You don’t want to get hurt and fertility is a very sensitive issue, so you are right to protect yourself.

      The reason there is no contact information directly on the site is because with the success of the Pregnancy Miracle, if Lisa made her information public, she would receive an unmanageable amount of email. This is the same reason that authors of any reasonably successful book do not publish their personal contact information. However, there is contact info in case you have any issues with your download.

      As for the book being a “scam,” I don’t think you have anything to worry about. Its a 242 page, content packed book that has been used by thousands of couples. If you are worried about purchasing an ebook, keep in mind that you’re not buying directly from Lisa, but through Clickbank which is a huge online retailer, just like Amazon.

      Hope that resolves your concerns.


      Just email

  26. Shirley says:

    My daughter is 39 years old and has been told that she has poor egg quaility. Will this book help her.

  27. cris says:

    i am from the philippines, are there any success story here in our country?are the herbs (if there will be) and kind of foods to be eaten which possibly are not locally available in the philippines?

  28. Roberta says:


    I am so happy! I finally pregnant & Pregnancy Miracle program was big help for my family. We followed instructions for 93 days and get pregnant! Little baby girl, going to call her Christina :)

    No rare herbs in Pregnancy Miracle. If something not available local, very easy ordering. Not expensive too.


  29. Marilyn says:

    My marriage is 5 years. I have blocked tubes both. Right now, I doing IVF. I got shot to enlarge my eggs. Unfortunately, the result was bad. My eggs did not react at all. My doctor didn’t have the answer. I’m very dissapointed. Now, I’m confused…

  30. Meenakshi says:

    Hi Angella,

    I’m glad the ‘Pregnancy Miracle’ plan worked for you. Me and my husband have been trying to conceive over 2 and 1/2 years now. I am 27 yrs of age. Nothing seems to work. Though we haven’t visited a doctor yet, I wanted to try out the Pregnancy Miracle Plan myself. We are in New Delhi, India, and I was wondering if we would get the diet plan recommended by Lisa in India…I mean does she mention country specific, hard-to-get ingredients in her plan? I though I should check with you before before purchasing the Pregnancy Miracle Plan. Many thanks in advance.

    Best, Meenakshi.

  31. I live in South Africa and I just wondered if its possible for me to get the products and find the practitioners that I think this book is going to recommend as part of the treatment?
    Please advise if you have had people from South Africa who have been able to implement your process successfully?

    • @Roberta


      Thank you for sharing!


      Don’t get discouraged. The fact that you’re still looking for guidance means that you are well on your way to having your own pregnancy miracle :)

      I’ve discussed this previously, but many times with IVF, the woman’s body is not prepared to nurture the fertilized egg. It is imbalanced. This is likely what is happening to you. Pregnancy Miracle specifically addresses how to deal with these imbalances to increase the chances of successful insemination.

      Best of luck to you!

      @Andrea & Meenakshi

      I’ve gotten emails from many Indian and several South African readers and none have had issues executing the program. Take a look at Roberta from the Philippines comment above. It should be very encouraging!

      Hope to hear from you soon!

  32. Rose W says:

    Hi Angella, I’m wondering if this book can help me. I started on the pill in my late teens. I came off the pill to try for a family when I was about 22. I had no period for about a year, and due to changing circumstances I went back on the pill. I tried going off the pill again a few years later but still no period.
    My doctor isn’t too worried about this, but at 42, I’m more than a little concerned!
    I hope I haven’t left it too late to get pregnant. I have just started to take folic acid and am coming off the pill in 2 weeks after my next period.
    Would Pregnancy Miracle help regulate my periods? My doctor has no advice for this.

    • @ Rose

      Your concerns are completely understandable and fairly common. Matter of fact, I’ve been getting “pregnancy after birth control” questions so often recently that I wrote and an entire post dedicated to the subject.

      The Pregnancy Miracle method definitely helps rebalance the body in such a way that menstrual cycles do normalize.

      Hope that helps!

  33. safa says:

    I am 27 years old,now we r 5 years married without children and after 4 failed IVF I have been diagnosed with high FSH, I downloded the book still reading it and starting with the food program. I will be the next pregnant with this program

  34. Heather says:

    I’m considering getting this book for myself because if it doesn’t help, it at least won’t hurt too much. As a testament to Eastern medicine: My sis-in-law from China had never had a period in her life & was always told she would never have children. After she married my brother at about age 32 she went to a Chinese practitioner who gave her the recipe for an herbal concoction that she was to drink daily for x amount of time. After she did so she began having periods for the first time and now has 2 young children. THAT is for real.

  35. Christine says:

    I’ve read your story as well as Lisa’s and many other women success stories. Reading them has given me hope. I’ve been married for 6yrs and everything is great but there is something missing, A BABY! I was diagnose with PCOS. We’ve been trying for 6yrs to have a child but the doctors would always say I have to loose weight and I would have 10x trouble trying to concieve. I’ve worked out and have eaten right but I’m tired of the heartach. I also had a question you said,”22 out of 24 of your woman got pregnant less than 4 months,” what about the other 2? Well, I am going to purchase this book and I hope I get my miracle baby. Thanks you for sharing your story, you give me hope & faith.
    Thanks again

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