How to Survive the 2-week “Am I Pregnant Yet?” Period

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Hey ladies, hope you enjoyed Joanna’s post on fertility monitors.

Like I said in the previous post, my peak time was approaching so Mark and I put life on hold briefly and focused all of our attention on trying to conceive. We blocked out all other pressures and stresses just so we could spend my 3 peak days in a peaceful, relaxed state of mind to increase our chances of conception.

Now comes the dreaded 2 week wait. 14 days until I find out if I’m pregnant or not. And as many women who are on the Pregnancy Miracle journey with me have already emailed me about, these 2 weeks are hard!

Here are some tips inspired by The Pregnancy Miracle’s “Getting Through the Two Week Wait.”

  • Get lost in a new project. Stop thinking about trying to conceive for a minute and just do something you love and are passionate about. Learn to cook something that you’ve always wanted to. Learn to play that song you like on guitar/piano. Catch up on reading (pleasure reading, not business reading). Whatever you do, make sure you don’t have to force yourself and that you love doing it. Guilt-free 10 hour movie marathon anyone?
  • No babies! No matter how hard you try, you’re probably not going to be able to keep from thinking about babies during these 2 weeks, so don’t make it worse by watching baby videos, or leafing through baby name books, or talking to your girlfriends about babies. Just don’t. If you’re on the right track and taking all of the steps to getting pregnant as they’re laid out in the Pregnancy Miracle, there’s nothing about babies that you need to learn during this period.
  • Fun Fun Fun! If you can, take a vacation or go out and do something that you really love. Have a romantic date with the hubby. Whatever you do, keep smiling! [If this isn’t your policy yet, these 2 weeks are a great time to give it a test drive!]
  • Have sex for fun! Yeah, I said it. Now go do it ;)

Just want to send my love out to all of the Pregnancy Miracle ladies. I’m so incredibly proud of you. I’ve already heard a few success stories and I’m sure there are many more coming.
For those just joining us, it’s never too late to get pregnant! We are a community of women and supportive husbands who are determined to conceive against all odds. If you’re ready to get pregnant, join us now!

3 Fertility Monitor Reviews – What’s the Best Fertility Monitor?

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Hi All. My second “peak fertility” period is coming around since I’ve begun the Pregnancy Miracle, so Mark and I have been a bit preoccupied. Instead of putting up some half hearted post or letting the blog sit empty for even longer, I’ve asked my dear friend Joanna, who first introduced me to Pregnancy Miracle, to do a guest post comparing fertility monitors. This is a question that a lot of my readers have asked about, and Joanna’s wisdom on this subject is second to none.
So, with no further ado, Joanna.


Hi Ladies!

Angie asked me to write an article comparing the top fertility monitors because I personally used several before I got pregnant.  Since then, I’ve coached numerous women into conception using fertility monitors as well. In my mind, there are really only 3 fertility monitors that are even worth talking about. However, before I jump into it, let’s discuss why fertility monitors are so important.

Fertility Monitors – Why Bother?

Simple. As you’ve read many times in this blog, timing is everything (or at least a huge piece of the Pregnancy Miracle). Fertility monitors take the guess work and human error out of manual fertility planning techniques. Like many women, I spent several months trying to track my own fertility indicators, until I simply got sick and tired of being thrown off by inaccurate thermometer readings or a slight menstrual irregularity. It was hopeless. I needed a better solution.

My research led me to the world of fertility monitors, which I am now a diehard advocate for. However, be careful what you buy, you’ll get exactly what you pay for.

With that said, here are the top 3 fertility monitors you may want to consider.

Baby Comp

The Rolls Royce of fertility monitors. Nothing compares. Period. If you’re serious about getting pregnant, you should have bought it yesterday.


  • Best fertility monitor. Hands down.
  • Unrivaled accuracy. In clinical tests involving over 600 physicians, the Baby Comp monitor has been proven to predict fertility periods more accurately than any other product on the market.
  • Incredible Insights. Unlike other monitors which are easily thrown off by hormonal irregularities or slight temperature fluctuations, Baby Comp actually recognizes these events and informs you.
  • Analyzes up to 5 months of data. This is truly unbelievable. Other product will store 1.5 months at best. The baby comp is the only product that will store and report up to 5 months of data, giving you superior insights and understanding of your body.
  • Clean and Convenient. No urine samples or other invasive procedures. No additional pieces, parts or add-ons. Just 1 cute, easy to carry unit that ready to go out of the box.
  • Easy-peasy. You don’t need you doctor to set it up. You don’t need to be a tech wiz. It couldn’t be any simpler.
  • Amazing Support. Having trouble understanding your reports? No problem, call the manufacturer and they will guide you through and even offer suggestions.
  • Allows you to plan gender! When I first saw this on the package, I thought, “yeah, right.” But this is real. I’ve seen the Baby-Comp gender planner work time and time again.



  • Cost (?) I, like many others, was initially surprised by the price of the Baby Comp. However, after I took into consideration how much I had already spent on ineffective fertility drugs and pregnancy tests, I decided this was a worthwhile investment. I’m glad I did because I got pregnant 3 months later. Would you rather save a few bucks and remain frustrated, or are you ready to get pregnant? If you chose the latter, then I can’t recommend the Baby Comp enough.

Lady Comp

Lady Comp is Baby Comp’s little sister with a few less features. Nonetheless, Lady Comp contains the exact same fertility prediction capabilities as Baby Comp. It is missing some of the added TTC-specific features, but it’s also a bit more modestly priced and I’ve seen it help almost as many women as Baby Comp.

If money is a concern, Lady Comp is the best bang for your buck.


  • Best bang for your buck.
  • Predicts fertility just as well as Baby Comp.
  • Uses the same clean, non-invasive testing methods.
  • Lasts for years.



  • No gender planning.
  • Less hormonal insights. The Lady Comp still comprehends fluctuations throughout the fertility cycle, it just doesn’t report them the same way.

Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor

These are probably the most common fertility monitors on the market because they’re relatively cheap, but from my experience, they usually lead to frustration rather than pregnancy. Although I’ve met many women that have used them, I’ve never met one who has been thrilled. Its better than nothing, but not in the same ballpark as the Ladycomp and Babycomp.


  • Cheap!



  • Lots of peeing sticks. While it may be ok once in a while for a pregnancy test, peeing on sticks every day isn’t my idea of a good or clean time.
  • Easily thrown off. Having an irregular cycle? Say goodbye to the accuracy of your results.
  • No sensitivity to hormonal fluctuations. The Clearblue measures a few molecules in your urine and nothing more. However, as you already know, plenty of other variables can affect your fertility and the Clearblue is blind to all of them.
  • No BBT measurement/tracking.
  • Makes predictions based on little data.


As you can tell, I am a strong proponent of the Lady Comp and Baby Comp fertility monitors and I have seen them work time and time again.

If you want to get pregnant fast, you know what you have to do.

Don’t skimp on your future, get a fertility monitor.

My Husband is the Best!

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Hi All!

Just wanted to take a break from the regularly scheduled programming here to let you know that my husband is amazing.

Woke up this morning to breakfast in bed! And we’re going to the zoo today.

I win!

P.s. Here’s what breakfast looked like. Had a funny French name and tasted like heaven-

How Can I Get Pregnant Diet

Edit: Apparently it’s called “Croque Madame,” if you’re not sure of the recipe, just have you amazing husband make you one ;) .

Eastern Medicine. Snake Oil or the Key to Fertility?

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My readers already know I’m a Southern girl. I grew up in a community where the words “Eastern Medicine” and “Holistic Healing” would likely be interpreted as something a doctor from New York would do and some unusual Sunday church ritual (respectively). If you went on to explain that you were actually referring to medicine from East Asia, the person you’d be speaking to might ask, “Is that anything like what them voodoo folk do in New Orleans?”

Some of you may be laughing at me, but after my previous post, I got some emails from folks that were a bit outraged that I suggested that “infertility” is a condition largely made up by pharmaceutical companies to profit off of emotionally vulnerable women.

One man wrote the following:


My wife and I are huge fans of your blog. It’s given us a lot of insight and inspiration, but I’m honestly a bit offended that you would say that infertility is “made up.” It feels like a slap in the face to hear you say that.

My wife and I have been trying to conceive for 28 months now, and it’s not looking good for us. How can you tell us we’re just imagining this?!

Perhaps there’s something I’m not understanding about the Eastern view of infertility. Could you please explain this better?

Looking forward to hearing from you,

T——–, NM

I completely understand this reader’s outrage so I’d like to better explain why I’m convinced Eastern medicine holds the key to infertility.

Eastern medicine looks at the entire body a complex interrelated system, and not just at its malfunctioning parts.

As you already know, cancer often originate in one part of the body and spreads to other parts of the body. This sad reality is well known and widely accepted, there is nothing controversial about it. The cancer, although it originates in one place, does not care about distinction of body parts, it sees all cells in the body as the same

Now, let’s talk about how Western medicine perceives and attempts to treat infertility. The Western approach to infertility seeks to find what is “broken” in the reproductive organs and fix it. The assumption is that, if you can’t get pregnant, the problem must originate in the reproductive organs and related glands. However, what if the source of the problem were not actually IN the vagina/uterus/ovaries, but only manifested there. What if the root cause of infertility were actually in the kidneys? As it happens to be, Chinese medicine does believe that the kidneys play a primary role in reproductive health.

Are you surprised?

I found this strange at first too, but I quickly realized that there is absolutely nothing that suggests that my infertility originates in my reproductive system. As it all started to become clearer, I began to see how fertility drugs do not solve the cause of infertility, but only treat it superficially.
Therefore, in order to treat infertility properly,  a holistic, or “whole-body” approach is necessary, and this is precisely what is offered in the Eastern techniques taught in The Pregnancy Miracle.

What with “Energy?” Sounds like hocus-pocus to me.

Not quite. In the Pregnancy Miracle, Lisa discusses different kinds of energies (e.g. ying, yang, chi, etc.) to explain “imbalances” in the body that cause infertility. Although this sounds like some “new age” nonsense at first, it’s actually quite logical. In fact, I now find it bizarre that the concept of energy is entirely missing from Western medicine.

If we accept that the body is indeed a complex, interrelated whole, rather than a bunch of loosely related parts, then we need some way to understand how each part of the body communicates with the rest. Western medicine breaks the body into individual “systems,” where the “blood” is the messenger of the cardiovascular system, neurons are the messengers of the nervous system. But the Western approach still fails to explain how all of these systems coexist within the body. How do they all work together? This is precisely what the concept of “energy” explains in eastern medicine – how the bodies parts function with respect to whole at the most basic level.

Still sound a bit farfetched? Well take this into consideration – Western medicine accepts that the nervous system is literally an electrical network. Read that again, electrical network. So the significant of energies isn’t hocus pocus afterall? Western medicine doesn’t reject the concept of energy in the body, it just offers an incomplete account.

Ok. So what’s this talk about “broken” vs “imbalanced?”

Excellent question. I previously said that my Western doctors labeled me “infertile” due to my abnormally high FSH levels. That’s it. In their eyes, my body was broken. In order to fix it, they would need introduce foreign substances into my body, namely fertility drugs, which made me feel sick and didn’t help me get pregnant for 3 years.

The Eastern approach in The Pregnancy Miracle does not accept that I am broken nor that I need outside help to be fixed. Instead, it believes that I am “imbalanced” and that the “cure” does not require much outside help, but a realignment of the forces within my body. Besides the fact that that is an incredibly empowering mindset, it also opens up pathways to alternative cures for infertility such as acupuncture, herbal supplementation, special dieting, meditation, etc.

With this said, any woman that has been diagnosed as “infertile” should be EXTREMELY interested in the Holistic approach of the Pregnancy Miracle.

I hope this has helped resolve a lot of misconceptions around Eastern medicine as a path to fertility. I am absolutely convinced that the Eastern approach is much more effective for women with fertility problems.

If you haven’t already joined our community of Pregnancy Miracle mommies and daddies , please download the Pregnancy Miracle now. You have too much to gain, and absolutely nothing to lose. Remember, the program comes with a 100% money back guarantee if you’re not absolutely convinced that it will help you get pregnant.

I sincerely hope this post will encourage many more couples to join our no-is-not-an-option fertility community! Can’t wait to have you with us!

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3 Delicious Organic Pregnancy Miracle Recipes

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You are what you eat. And so are your babies!

I’ve learned so much about feeding my body properly to help it realign and achieve a maximally fertile state. Lisa Olson, does a great job of explaining nutrition for getting pregnant.

One thing I’ve heard from a lot of women that are not used to eating and cooking the way that Lisa suggests is that they’re not sure that they can do it. Take it from a Southern girl, you can eat an absolutely delicious diet that will help you get pregnant! What’s more, as a free bonus Lisa includes an additional free book of 56 fertility recipes! Here are a few of my absolute favorites.

These recipes are directly from Pregnancy Miracle 14 Day Recipe and Meal Plan from Lisa Olson.

Louisiana Gumbo (I did say I was a Southern girl!)

  • 3 TB extra virgin olive oil
  • 2 cups onion (chopped)
  • 1 cup celery (chopped)
  • 2 large tomatoes (chopped)
  • 8 cups organic chicken stock (or make your own and you’re the boiled chicken for something yummy later)
  • 8 cups pure water
  • 4 cloves garlic, minced
  • Tamari, black pepper and red pepper – to taste
  • .5 – 1 lb. Fish (Chopped – get it as FRESH as you can, avoid tuna and other high mercury-risk fish)
  • 2 lbs shrimp, peeled & deveined
  • 1 cup frozen clams
  • 1 TB parsley (finely chopped)
  • ½ teaspoon “gumbo file” (dried, ground sassafras leaves)


Moisten bottom of large soup kettle with 2 TB water, then add oil and heat on medium, until hot. Add onions and celery. Cook until onions are wilted and slightly golden. Then add tomatoes, chicken stock, water and garlic. Cook over medium heat for 30 minutes and season to taste with tamari, black pepper and red pepper. Add all seafood and parsely. Cook for 10 more minutes. Sprinkle a dash of gumbo file on each served dish of gumbo.
Serves 6 (I cook it once and eat it with Mark for 3 days, unless we’re having company)

Turkey Meat Loaf (So easy. Sooo yummy!)

  • .25 cup walnuts (ground fine)
  • 2 lbs ground turkey
  • .5 onion (diced)
  • 1 zucchini (diced)
  • 8 mushrooms (chopped)
  • 1 medium carrot (grated)
  • Handful of spinach (finely chopped)
  • 1 egg (well beaten)
  • 2 teaspoons Spike


Preheat oven 350 degrees.

Grind walnuts in blender but don’t over grind or they’ll get oily. Mix all ingredients together. Oil/butter 9”x13” pan and pat mixture into a long loaf.

Bake for ~90 minutes.

Serves 4-6

Aloha Smoothy (Makes every morning feel like summer)

  • 2 TB flax seeds
  • 2 TB raw macadamia nuts
  • 2 TB raw almonds
  • 2 TB pecans
  • 2 slices organic ginger root (talk about a pick me up)
  • 1 papaya (if you can’t find them locally, move ;) )
  • ~2 Cups water (you can play around with substituting ice and yogurt for desired texture)
  • Stevia to taste


Soak nuts and seeds overnight and rinse. Add seeds, nuts, ginger, papaya and a little water to blender. Blend on high until smooth. Add remaining water a little at a time and continue blending until all water is added. Add stevia to taste.

Serves 2 (Sometimes I give 1 to mark, and sometimes I selfishly save the rest for later :evil grin: )


So there you have it, 3 recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner! All delicious and none particularly difficult to make (the gumbo takes a bit of patience). Worried you’ll run out of recipes? Don’t! Lisa gives you 53 more!

Anybody have any favorite Pregnancy Miracle/Fertility recipes they’d like to share?

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Infertility – Medical Condition or $2 Billion Pharmaceutical Scam?

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If you’ve read my story, you already know that I spent many years with the belief that I was simply infertile. Nothing more. Nothing less. My doctors labeled me “prematurely menopausal,” and that was my sentence. For a long time, like many other “infertile” women, I felt extremely depressed and it affected my relationships with friends and my husband.

I was broken. I believed it because my doctors believed it.

Deep inside though, somewhere, there was a glimpse of doubt. Disbelief. Hope. And I now realize I should have listened to this part of myself sooner.

As I’ve learned from The Pregnancy Miracle, the idea of infertility, as a type of “brokenness,” is truly a Western construct. It is propagated by a $2 Billion fertility drug industry, who often purchases the favor of doctors. As a result, pharmaceutical companies take advantage of women in their most desperate state.


Here is the interesting thing about all of this.

In Chinese, there is no word for “infertile.” Only imbalanced.

It’s a small wonder then that Eastern healers have been helping women conceive for thousands of years with no intervention from harmful pharmaceutical drugs.

So I ask you, are you infertile, or imbalanced?

Did you notice how you actually felt more empowered and able to conceive when you changed your mindset from infertile to imbalanced? Can you feel a realm of possibilities out there? Can you imagine the different paths to “realignment?” When was the last time your doctors tried to help you find balance instead of trying fix you?

These are all of the thoughts that have been going through my head over the past few weeks as a result of reading the Pregnancy Miracle. Besides learning my body better and timing my peak fertility, I have also been using a variety of Eastern techniques and insights to help me get pregnant.

I feel truly blessed that I’ve found the Pregnancy Miracle at this point in my life. I will be posting up some more Eastern fertility secrets in the near future. In the mean time, I ask you to take a step back to reconsider your beliefs about infertility and how you’ve been approaching the challenge of getting pregnant. I hope that, like me and the many women that have joined me on my journey, you will find it within yourself to stop fighting against your body and learn to appreciate its glorious design. I hope that you will find it within yourself to learn to understand your bodies messages, and strive towards a “rebalancing” rather than a “fixing.”

You are not broken. You are beautiful. You will get pregnant.


Just want to send a quick shout out to all of the readers that have emailed and commented. It means the world to me to have you on my side. To all of my Pregnancy Miracle Mom’s and Dad’s that are on this journey at this very moment, please know that I have you in my prayers every night. And if you haven’t yet found the courage to join us, please do. There’s never been a better time to change your life.

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Timing Is Everything – The 8 Ways to Maximize Your Chances of Conception (for him and her!)

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Ok, so maybe the title is a bit inflammatory, but as I mentioned in a previous post, The Pregnancy Miracle really asserts that timing your peak fertility and aligning it with your husband’s peak semen production is a core problem for many couples trying to conceive.
Here are some great methods from the Pregnancy Miracle to better understand your body and know when is your best time to conceive!


  1. Meet your mucus. It’s not a very pretty word to say, but women who are serious about trying to conceive need to become closely acquainted with their cervical mucus. Lisa explains how the mucus changes over the course of the fertility cycle in great detail so you can monitor its change (pg 45-48). On your peak fertility day you cervical mucus will be heavier than any other day of the month. It will feel “wet,” but it will be thick, slippery, and slightly cloudy like an egg white.What, you’re still grossed out by the word mucus? Just say it 3 times fast – mucus, mucus, mucus. Better? ;)
  2. What is your cervix telling you? For the majority of your fertility cycle, your cervix stays closed, firm and retracted. However, as your body becomes increasingly fertile, you will feel the cervix actually become softer and slightly open.
  3. You’re keeping a calendar, right? Here’s what it comes down to, your peak fertility period is about 48 hours every month.  If you’re looking to get pregnant fast, you need as much data as you can get to predict your peak fertility periods before they happen. This will be especially important so that your hubby has time to properly prepare on his end (more on this below).
  4. Basal Body Temperature (BBT), Tried and true. Your body temperature normally fluctuates .1 degrees on any given day, but during periods of increased fertility, your body temperature will actually experience a sustained increase of ~.2 degrees (that’s Fahrenheit for any international readers). The reason so many women have problems with this traditional technique is because it requires the correct tools, accurate record taking, diligent record keeping, and close attention to other temperature affecting factors, such as medicine, illness, lack of sleep, etc. However, learning your BBT is DEFINITELY worth it because it ensures that your eggs will be FRESH for your husband’s FRESH sperm. Fortunately, Lisa includes an exceptional explanation for everything you need to know on this subject in the book (p. 49-52 and 175-177)
  5. Isn’t there an easier/faster way? If getting pregnant is at the top of your priorities, you definitely want to be doing everything above, but, understandably, just because you are TTC doesn’t mean you no longer have a life and obligations. Fortunately, there are fertility monitors out there, whose quality ranges from outstanding to crap. If you guys are interested, my friend Joanna offered to post some insight on choosing fertility monitors. Just let me know in the comments below.


  1. Sir, drop the weapon. If your husband likes to masturbate, I’m not judging, but he needs to cut it out for 3-5 days before your peak fertility period. His body needs to create and store as much sperm as possible during this period so that when he ejaculates on your peak fertility day(s), he is releasing the maximum amount of FRESH sperm. Fresh sperm are far more likely to reach an egg and inseminate it. Also, fresh sperm decrease the likelihood of birth defects, etc.
  2. Boys and girls on opposite sides. Naturally, following from the above, it’s wise to abstain from sex in the 3-5 days preceding peek fertility. You certainly want to avoid having excessive sex in those days, as it will only irritate your vagina and decrease the quality of your peak fertility period.
  3. Get tested. Not really a timing technique, but you want to make sure that you have an adequate sperm count. You may choose to see a specialist of use a DIY kit. Either way, many couples who are well aware of the female infertility problems ignore that possibility of male fertility issues as well. Test it.

Well, that’s all for now. Mark and I have committed to using all 8 of these methods and I’ll report later with results.

P.S. I’m loving the Pregnancy Miracle! feeling better with my new diet, more relaxed with acupuncture and Mark and I haven’t been this close in years. I feel wiser and happier, and I can honestly say I’m experience changes in my personal view of the world now that so many of my false beliefs about infertility have been dispelled.

As a former skeptic, I strongly encourage anyone who is on the fence about this program to give it a shot.

Post your progress ladies!

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4 Tips for Great Sex that will Help You Get Pregnant! (P.S. My Sex Life is Back!)

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In my last post, I was so caught up in talking about what I had learned in the first section of the Pregnancy Miracle, I forgot to mention something VERY exciting.


I mean really, REALLY back. I can’t remember having this much “fun” in years. Phew…
Ok. I’ll stop now. Maybe for another blog… ;)

Honestly, since Mark and I have committed to the Pregnancy Miracle program, its brought us much closer because we’re 100% focused on getting pregnant together.

Lisa offers some great sex tips for getting pregnant. They’re fun and effective!

  1. Lie still for a while! Don’t jump up a run to the bathroom or take a shower. Just take some time to relax and spoon with your hubby and let the sperm swim upstream.  I know some women are paranoid about smelling or being sweaty after sex while others just have odd post-sex rituals that involve getting up and doing this or that, but DON’T DO IT. Just relax for ~30 minutes. Everything else can wait. Use gravity to help the sperm fertilize the egg and use that time to get closer with your husband!
  2. Place a pillow under your hips after. This goes back to helping gravity. I personally prefer the pillow during AND after, but different kicks for different chicks ;)
  3. There is no magic position. HAVE FUN! Seriously, just do it. Just make sure your hips are tilted upwards after he ejaculates. You don’t want any to drip out!
  4. Not too much not too little. Make sure you figure out your peak fertility day and have sex on that day and 2 days prior. Make sure your husband doesn’t ejaculate for 36-48 hours prior to each of those times. This will ensure that you get the maximum amount of sperm to fertilize that egg on those 2 important days. Also, the separation will create a longing and desire that will hopefully result in a more meaningful and passionate experience that will bring you and your husband closer. I know this has been the case for Mark and I.

Don’t want to turn this blog into cosmo, but what can I say, sex is part of the Pregnancy Miracle. The next post will be on more methods of finding and timing your peak fertility day.

By the way, I’ve been hearing phenomenal things from the lovely ladies that have decided join me on the quest to get pregnant using The
Pregnancy Miracle program. Post a progress report in the comments below or join us! It’s never too late to get pregnant!

Week 1: A Step Closer to Getting Pregnant

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A week older, a week wiser, a week closer to getting pregnant! I’ve learned a lot about my body and how to better understand my peak fertility periods.

In the first section of the Pregnancy Miracle, Lisa discusses anatomy and its role in fertility (p. 17 if you’re following along). If you’re like me, you probably let out a quiet groan thinking, “what is this, high school health class?” But I was pleasantly surprised to find that Lisa offers some very useful and actionable information that has helped me learn my body better and take advantage of my most fertile periods.

First of all, although I know what my doctors have told me about elevated FSH levels and premature menopause, I understand my condition MUCH better after reading Lisa’s detailed, but completely understandable breakdown of the menstrual process (page 22-24). What’s happen is that the Follicle Stimulating Hormones (aka FSH) is inhibiting my body from creating the necessary estrogen for my eggs to mature and my uterus to prepare itself for incubating a fertilized egg.

Western medicine has conveniently labeled me “prematurely menopausal” just to sell me a bunch of drugs. I still have eggs! How is that menopausal?! I’m wondering how many other women are deceived and mislabeled just to make the jobs of pharmaceutical reps easier.

Anyway, Lisa really asserts that “Timing is Everything” (page 24). To this end, Lisa offers a unique way of identifying when you are at the peak of your fertility period, by getting to know your cervical mucus and how it changes over the course of your menstrual cycle (pages 45-48).

This is really fascinating and not something that any other “fertility coach” has taught me. I have put a monthly calendar on my nightstand to record the quantity and texture of my cervical fluid every night. The day that the fluid is thickest and heaviest is my peak fertility day and that’s when Mark has to do his best work!

Lisa discusses a few other great ways to time my peak fertility, but I’ll save that for my next post.

Top 5 Reasons Why I Chose The Pregnancy Miracle

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After my last post, I got some comments, as well as some emails asking if I was sure I had made the right choice picking the Pregnancy Miracle as my getting pregnant gameplan.

Honestly, I think it’s a no brainer. Here’s a quick explanation why.

  1. There is a 100% money back guarantee. How many books at Barnes and noble can you return after you’ve read the whole thing, and carried it around in your purse for 8 weeks?
  2. I really believe this will work! Most other pregnancy books are either memoirs or some kind of feel-good nonsense. As much as I appreciate a book that can make me smile and feel better about myself, I WANT TO GET PREGNANT! This is the only book that takes a 100% unique approach focused on holistic fertility cures.
  3. This book offers an ACTIONABLE plan. Going back to my 2nd point, most of the other books are a mess of fertility “thoughts” without an actual “HOW TO.” The Pregnancy Miracle lays it all out in a comprehensive an actionable way!
  4. It’s based on 14 years of fertility research from a previously infertile woman! Don’t get me wrong, I respect the guys in white lab quotes, but there’s really something to be said for the wisdom of a woman who has dedicated her life to solving her own fertility problems as well as those of thousands of other women as well.
  5. It comes with a consultation from the Author! Ever read a book and think “yeah, that sounds really great, but what about x, y, and z???” Well, when you purchase the Pregnancy Miracle, you get to actually SPEAK to the author. I’m very excited that I got in on this while Lisa is still offering it!

The way I see it, I’m either going to get pregnant, or get wiser. Either way, it’s a step closer to pregnancy and that is what I’m trying to achieve.

I hope this better explains my decision. So please do both of us a favor, instead of sending me an email saying, “but what about this,” JUST DOWNLOAD THE BOOK! If you don’t like it, YOU CAN GET YOUR MONEY BACK!

Come on ladies. Talk is cheap! Let’s make some babies!

I’ve already read through the entire book (took me less than a day). My next post will be about my first steps with the Pregnancy Miracle program.
Please share your first experiences with the program in the comments below!