How to Survive the 2-week “Am I Pregnant Yet?” Period

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Hey ladies, hope you enjoyed Joanna’s post on fertility monitors.

Like I said in the previous post, my peak time was approaching so Mark and I put life on hold briefly and focused all of our attention on trying to conceive. We blocked out all other pressures and stresses just so we could spend my 3 peak days in a peaceful, relaxed state of mind to increase our chances of conception.

Now comes the dreaded 2 week wait. 14 days until I find out if I’m pregnant or not. And as many women who are on the Pregnancy Miracle journey with me have already emailed me about, these 2 weeks are hard!

Here are some tips inspired by The Pregnancy Miracle’s “Getting Through the Two Week Wait.”

  • Get lost in a new project. Stop thinking about trying to conceive for a minute and just do something you love and are passionate about. Learn to cook something that you’ve always wanted to. Learn to play that song you like on guitar/piano. Catch up on reading (pleasure reading, not business reading). Whatever you do, make sure you don’t have to force yourself and that you love doing it. Guilt-free 10 hour movie marathon anyone?
  • No babies! No matter how hard you try, you’re probably not going to be able to keep from thinking about babies during these 2 weeks, so don’t make it worse by watching baby videos, or leafing through baby name books, or talking to your girlfriends about babies. Just don’t. If you’re on the right track and taking all of the steps to getting pregnant as they’re laid out in the Pregnancy Miracle, there’s nothing about babies that you need to learn during this period.
  • Fun Fun Fun! If you can, take a vacation or go out and do something that you really love. Have a romantic date with the hubby. Whatever you do, keep smiling! [If this isn’t your policy yet, these 2 weeks are a great time to give it a test drive!]
  • Have sex for fun! Yeah, I said it. Now go do it ;)

Just want to send my love out to all of the Pregnancy Miracle ladies. I’m so incredibly proud of you. I’ve already heard a few success stories and I’m sure there are many more coming.
For those just joining us, it’s never too late to get pregnant! We are a community of women and supportive husbands who are determined to conceive against all odds. If you’re ready to get pregnant, join us now!

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