FTC Disclosure

In regards to the new FTC regulations, this page is compliant with 100% transparency regarding disclosure of incentive and paid reviews.

Every page on this site has been created to generate revenue.

This site generates income through banner advertisements and affiliate links on product reviews.

Product reviews that are posted come from user submissions and some that our team writes. We only write reviews for products we find useful however we cannot verify claims from third-party submissions. Furthermore, reviews of our own staff members are merely opinions of the writer and not representative of the organization as a whole. Conflicting reviews for the same product may appear on this site. It is the consumers responsibility to evaluate all information and make their own informed decision with regard to their purchase based on all information available, not just information on this site.

Some reviews may be paid reviews written by professional copywriters. Such content will be clearly marked as “Advertorial” so as to not deceive or confuse any readers.

Anyone can submit a product review in the form of comment on any review. We can not verify these claims however each IP is logged.

Comments are moderated and edited for slander and SPAM.

Certain merchants we link to employ Free trials and memberships with automatic upgrades to paid plans. Please familiarize yourself with all terms and conditions as they appear on any linked/affiliated merchant’s site and take them into account when making your purchase.

We make a good faith effort to not promote any merchants who do not honor the terms and conditions expressed on their respective sales pages. If you encounter issues with an explicitly deceptive merchant, first, make absolutely certain that it was not your own failure to read the merchants stated terms and conditions. If this is not the case and the merchant has truly breached their terms, please notify us in the comments section of the post where that product is mentioned and we shall investigate to avoid any inconvenience for future readers.