6 Funniest Baby Videos in Interweb History!

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Ok, I decided to switch things up on a more lighthearted note and share some of my ABSOLUTE favorite baby videos that I’ve found on youtube. I’ve spent *hours* watching these adorable clips on youtube, but these 6 consistently make me crack up.

I hope this post will make Bill Cosby proud :)

With that, I present to you, the 6 Funnies Baby Videos EVER.

6. Kung Fu Baby

Love this! This would be the cutest looking baby ever, but the Bruce Lee kung fu motions are beyond hilarious.

5.Little girls can kick ass too!

You tell ‘em tiger!

4.He Kicked Him in the What?

Ok, so this isn’t exactly a baby video, but this kid is adorable. I want to pinch his cheaks! The end makes me crack up every single time. I’ve watched it and tried to not laugh and I’ve failed every single time.

3. Bloooood!

Lol. Baby noises for the win! Poor kid must have been traumatized, but I couldn’t helping laughing (just like his dad who was holding the camera!)

2. “I like turtles.”

Oh, this isn’t quite a baby video either, but, oh MY lord, why is it so funny?!

This is one of those videos that you watch on repeat 15 times over. It addictive, you’ll see.

1. Serious Baby

Every single person I’ve shown this too has bursted out laughing. If you can watch this and not crack up, you may want to check if you still have a soul!

Enjoy! I can already foresee that this is the single post that I will be revisiting most often in my blog, haha.

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Have an amazing weekend!

-Angie & Mark

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